Thursday, November 26, 2009

Parisien Pastry Tour Part III

I just had to share with you these photos from our trip to Paris last May (2009). For me, one of the highlights of traveling to any foreign country is trying the local cuisine, and in Paris, my favorite part is the pastries! The escargot and crepes are fantastic too, but looking in the windows of the Patisseries and Boulangeries is just magical for me. I live in a suburb of Philadelphia, and we don't have bakeries like this anywhere. However if you travel to New York you can visist Francois Payard's store, which I have heard is amazing. Anyway...on the left are a few pastries that we had while in Paris.. the top picture is of a tarte exotique (it has an apricot glaze made with apricot jam and Grand Marnier) and a mille feuille (translating to a thousand layers). The next two are from the Boulangerie Paul which was only half a block from our apartment..very dangerous for my diet but convenient none the less. The first is an eclaire au cafe.. (coffee flavored) and the bottom is a crossaint au chocolat. I was dying to try these before I left to see the difference between the American version and the French. I found that the French was much flakier and lighter..absolutely delicious and worth every calorie!

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  1. I like doing the same thing, looking in the bakery windows. I'm from NYC and there are a ton of bakeries there with lots of eye candy. Hope to see more of your cooking endeavors soon. Come by and say hi one day.